Medieval Camp - Information 

During the Medieval Days Frostheim hosts a Medieval Camp at Hägnan for event workers, SCA and other people interested in the Middle Ages to stay in.

Membership in either the SCA or one the participating Larp organizations is necessary to live in the camp during the event. There are two options for staying in the camp: Event "workers", and event "guests".  The guests will pay a 400 kr fee for staying in the camp and partaking of the breakfasts and lunches, while workers will get to stay in the camp and breakfast and lunch each day in exchange for a couple of hours of their time each day participating in one or more category of displays for the public.

The smithy will be available for use, there will be armourd combat and rapier fencing, dancing, music, and, of course, there are many opportunities for us in the camp to put on demonstrations of the various arts and sciences, or offer workshops for the public.  Please let us know which types of displays or workshops you would be interested in running, and we will be happy to help with the logistics. 

Within the camp we would like to maintain the illusion of an actual Medieval setting, so please try to always wear Medieval clothing and keep modern items out of sight while in the camp. If each of us does our part then the entire camp will be more beautiful.

We also welcome merchants with Medieval-appropriate wares to sell to the public, as either guests or workers at the event.


You'll find the registration form here! 

Unfortunatly it's in swedish, så if you need help with yous registration contact us at

Camp Schedule

During the event there will be a variety of evening activites available only to those of us staying in the camp or otherwise assiociated with the SCA and Larp groups running the event.  The hot tub will, of course, be available every day of the event.

The schedule will be updated regularly as new things are added, so check back often.

Every Day:


Those of you who are registered as event workers can participate in one of the following groups.  There are also a variety of other possible ways to participate, please email us for suggestions, or to make an offer of your special skills.  More information is available when you have logged in (see above). 

Archery group: Assist the public shoot arrows towards painted targets.

Theater groupPerforming plays for children (and adults) several times a day.

Hand-work group: Display historical arts and crafts for the visitors. This group will also serve shifts in camp watch.

Heavy Fighting group: SCA combat display for the public.  This group will also serve shifts at the gate.

Rapier group: SCA rapier fighting display for the public.  This group will also serve shifts in camp watch.

Kitchen group: Helping in the kitchen with food preparation and clean up. 

Gate group: Sit at the entry gate and take payment from the public as they arrive.

Children's group: Come up with fun activities for the visiting children to participate in. 

Information group: Tell the visitors about our hobby and events and answer questions about this event. 

Merchants: Sell products appropriate for our medieval hobby.  This group is welcome to pay the guest rate to stay in camp rather than committing to working some other displays for the public, since it would be difficult to both be at one's merchant booth, and working elsewhere in the camp at the same time.

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